Got A Roofing Problem In Dublin?

Dublin is home to many tradesmen, that is for sure. Whether you are looking for plumbers, electricians, roofers or another trade altogether, you will find many, many people willing to do the job for you. But, and this is very important, should you hire them? Should you part with your hard earned cash? Now in my very first post I already spoke about some of the basic rules of hiring a tradesmen. Checking if they are fully insured, affiliated with some sort of a union or governing body and most importantly checking their previous work. Before I forget here is my shout for the guy who consistently produces the most impressive roofing dublin, has seen in a very long time. Also, here’s a great link for more info on domestic roofing.

damaged roofingThe last and probably least spoken about rule is to not just jump at the first offer. Make sure you get many offers for the work. The fact that there are so many out of work builders is actually of great benefit to you. This is because they will be willing to undercut each other on price to make sure that they secure the job, but you will still get a high quality job.

Of course the very best method of all is to get a recommendation from someone you trust. That way you will save yourself all of the groundwork and you can get to work on more important things. That is why if you are looking for someone in Dublin then this is your man here

The Safest Electrican Dublin Has Ever Had

I hired a bad electrician once. I didn’t follow any of my own rules. I broke every single one of them. I didn’t inspect his previous work. I didn’t ask for licenses and permits. And you know what? I nearly paid the ultimate price. I was in the middle of building a new house for my family and I was at the stage where the electrical wiring was on the list of things to do. I was very stressed out at the time in my job. We were working on a very important proposal for a client. I was snowed under and so instead of doing my due diligence I went straight to directory enquiries and picked out the first electrician on the list.

Boy was that a massive mistake. Sure he wired the house, but it was so badly done that it was too dangerous to even turn on the electricity. In the fuse box there were black spots on the plastic cover where it looked like someone had melted it with a lighter. There was even exposed wires in there. When I saw this I hit the roof. This wasn’t just bad it was scarily dangerous. I had to get another electrician in to fix it (I did my research this time) and after two weeks, everything was finally completed and done safely and correctly. It’s no secret that there are terrible tradesmen out there but if you follow the simple rules you will always hire a guy you can rely on.

The Rules Of Hiring Electricians

Electricians do an obviously very important job. Working with electricity can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. And if done incorrectly, the wiring in a house can be a fire hazard and could potentially end up costing someone their life. That’s why it is very important that when you are hiring an electrician to carry out some work on your house, that you both check their previous work but also ask to see any and all of their relevant licenses and permits to work with electricity.

It also shocks and surprises me that so many people always want the cheapest tradesmen. Sure I can understand wanting to get a great deal on the work. But lets be honest here, you get what you pay for. And if you are paying peanuts you are going to be hiring moneys. Don’t always go for the cheapest option. First of all rank your prospective electricians in order of the quality of their work and then see how much they are charging. It is possible to find guys that are willing to do top grade work, without forcing you to remortgage your house and sell your kids. Here’s another good article that discusses hiring electricians.

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