$750,000 Super Bowl Suite

$750,000 Super Bowl Suite


If you have three-quarters of million dollars just lying around and would like to watch the Super Bowl in style, then gather up 34 of your closest friends and head to Indianapolis! This suite is all yours.

If you do the math, to rent this suite in Lucas Oil Stadium that holds 35 people you would be paying roughly $21,500 per a person! (Check out this webpage for more Super Bowl suite deals) Of course you would need something to do before the game, so why not take your crew to Maxim’s tailgate party for $600/person and you could hang with Tony Siragusa and Guy Fieri. Or maybe you need a party that is a little more risqué, if so then you could party with Heff and the playmates for a measly $1500. I like!

So if you are thinking about heading to the 1012 Super Bowl, be prepared to empty your bank account. The average ticket broker is charging $4,000 a seat and your typical hotel is running at 5 bills a night. The Super Bowl is a rich mans game!

Thanks to Brobible and Average Guy Poker for this information.


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